Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Utah Baby Shower

This is one of my very best friends in the whole world Carrie. She put together one of the most awesome baby showers of all time and she made me the most adorable things...she is so talented! I love her to pieces.
These two baskets had some of the most adorable things I have ever seen in my life! Me and my baby girl are so spoiled! and we love it.

Some of my amazing sister-in-laws who I LOVE!

Our wonderful friend Barbara made me the most beautiful things. Two beautiful crocheted blankets, a darling little crocheted dress, burp cloths, bips and receiving blankets! I felt so loved.

Don't mind the crazy eyes!

This my friend Carrie's little girl Annabelle and her mother Molly - or as I like to call her my Lehi Mamma! She is wonderful and let me have my shower in her home.

Here are some of my very dear friends from High School. I cheered with most of them for all four years of high school and it was so fun to see them.

Me and my wonderful Mother in Law Bev whom I love dearly!
Some of the wonderful Clark, Cannon and Sherman women. I feel so blessed to be a part of this family. They are truly some of the most wonderful people I have ever met and I just love them all. I am so greatful to have them in my life. (to be noted - they are not all pictured in this post but they are all loved equally! The men in the family too!)

The Aftermath. It kind of looks like a pink bomb went off. I love it!

I also had another baby shower in St.George with my family but me being the brainiac that I am brought my computer adapter cord instead of the battery charger for my camera and was unable to take Picture due to a dead camera. Very sad :( It was also really wonderful though thanks to another one of my best friends Tasha. She is also expecting a little girl in December! It was so sweet of her to throw me a shower. It was also wonderful to see all of my family. It should be noted that all 6 of my sisters were there...that in and of itself was a miracle. Love you guys!


PinkCricket said...

cute ! <3

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Awww you're adorable!!

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