Thursday, January 21, 2016

A family that skis together, stays together.

Matt and I both had MLK day off this year so we decided to take the girls skiing up on Mt.Hood and it was so fun! It was the perfect day for it and the girls did surprisingly well. Aliyah had taken a lesson last year but she didn't really love it - It could have been because it was at night and the slope was icy...(probably not our finest parenting moment). This time the conditions were much better and she was able to make it down the Bunny Hill all by herself.
We were shocked by our little Ro. That girl is fearless! She did awesome and would smile the whole time. It  was kind of adorable! She still doesn't have the muscle control to be able to slow herself down but she can glide for long stretches of time.
Ro was too worried about my glove that I had dropped to smile for the camera.

Check out that perfect Pizza!

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